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Ian Wilson

Managing Director

Alongside MD responsibilities Ian remains hands-on with the technical side of Assemble projects. With a Physics background and an early career in the defence industry, Ian is fascinated by science and technology. Since switching to the games industry Ian has accrued nearly 20 years of experience developing engine and tools code, especially on console and PC. 15 years managing technical teams at both studio level at Bizarre Creations and as part of Activision Central Tech has provided an in depth understanding of how large teams work and how smaller teams can best integrate and support development.

Ian rose to Technical Director at Bizarre Creations before forming the Activision Central Technology North team in 2011 whose clients included Bungie, Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. He left Activision in 2018 to start Assemble Technology.

Ian’s credits include several Call of Duty titles (Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, WWII), Destiny and Project Gotham Racing 2-4.

Ken Macleod

Technical Director

A wide ranging generalist and experienced team lead. Passionate about technology, computing and games, Ken started his career at Bizarre Creations in 2003. After starting as a tools developer he went on to lead the tools team for five years. Subsequently he worked in roles covering a mixture of tools, tech and game development at TT Fusion and Lucid Games, before working at two mobile phone software start-ups. Most recently as the CTO of a company working on mobile location technology.

As part of Assemble Technology, Ken brings broad experience of engine and tool development, as well as optimisation, across a large number of platforms from mobile to console.

Ken’s credits include the LEGO franchise, Blur, the PGR series and Geometry Wars 3.


Paul Malin

Technical Director

Paul has worked in the games industry for over 20 years and is an experienced generalist programmer and rendering expert. First starting at Bizarre Creations in 1997, Paul has worked on a diverse range of game and engine technology. As Core Technology Lead and ultimately Chief Technology Officer Paul was key in architecting the in-house engine used on a number of titles at Bizarre Creations.

Following this, Paul worked for 9 years at Activision Central Tech as Senior Technical Director working on engine, shader code and performance improvements for the Call of Duty and Destiny franchises.

In 2018 Paul presented the colour pipeline work he implemented in Call of Duty at the Digital Dragons conference in Kraków. This technology shipped in Call of Duty: WWII and was further refined for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: blog.mousefingers.com/post/publications/hdrincod/

Paul's credits include several Call of Duty titles (Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, WWII, Modern Warfare), Destiny, Blur and Project Gotham Racing

Outside of work, Paul is best known for his creations on the Shadertoy website: shadertoy.com/user/P_Malin

John Chapman

Principal Graphics Programmer

An experienced generalist programmer with a particular focus on graphics, John is motivated by the confluence of art and technology which is at the forefront of game development. Having spent years working on in-house engines and tools, John has a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art engine and rendering technologies. His most valued programming principle is simplicity, and his favourite standard is ISO 8601.

Beyond work, John maintains an open source library for debug line drawing and 3d gizmos at: github.com/john-chapman/im3d


Ewan Stanley

Senior Programmer

Ewan has a background as an engine programmer, working on low-level engine systems that interface with the different platform APIs, with experience working across Windows/PS4/PS5/XB1/XBSX. During his time at Frontier Developments, he contributed to Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, the Jurassic World titles, and Elite Dangerous. Additionally he has worked on tools, build systems and continuous integration frameworks. Since joining Assemble Technology, Ewan has found an opportunity to work closer to gameplay systems, enjoying the line of work that straddles the boundary between game-facing functionality and technical systems work. When it comes to programming, Ewan prefers a simple and minimalist approach to API design, and tries to take a lightweight approach with C++.

Join the team and benefit from the unique working environment that sets us apart.

At Assemble Technology, we take pride in our identity as a small, professional team operating externally from bigger game development studios. This distinctive setup offers numerous advantages and makes us an exceptional place to work. Our team members have many years experience which offers a unique environment for junior developers to learn and that is a refreshing change for more senior developers. As a fully remote team we also benefit from the advantages of working from home. Why not apply today?


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